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Don’t Sleep with a Charging Phone

In addition to batteries overheating on flammable surfaces, there’s another fire hazard associated with devices in bed. The charger itself can catch on fire. Chargers that show signs of fraying or those that are incompatible with a device have an increased chance to go up in flames.

Those cheap aftermarket chargers bought online can cause battery overheating, electrocutions, burns, or fires. Be sure that the wattage is compatible with your device before purchasing; otherwise, buy one from a reputable source.

Fire departments around the globe are sharing this photo along with a message about fire safety to promote awareness among kids and adults. After responding to a house fire started by a device on a charger, an Alabama fire department shared these tips for charging devices like phones, tablets, or laptops:

  • Keep your device on a hard surface while charging
  • To reduce the chances of being burned if your device overheats or catches fire, don’t use it while it’s charging
  • Do not leave a charging device on soft surfaces like a sofa or bed
  • Replace accessories or other parts that have excessive wear – batteries, cords, etc. – because they can spark and cause a fire.

Because we have so many more electronic devices in our bedrooms these days, taking extra precautions to prevent fires is necessary. Spread the word about charging phones in bed to your children, teens, and college kids to keep them safe!

Do you have a habit of charging your phone in bed? Has your device ever overheated?


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