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DIY Wood Shutters

I wanted something cute to put by our TV and I kept going back and forth on wanting arches or shutters. I decided to build some DIY shutters and see if I liked it since it wouldn’t cost me a lot because I have so much wood in my barn. I would prefer to build my own projects rather than buy them because it is fun for me and also I know how good of quality it is going to be.

diy wood shutters

Materials needed for the projects

You will need:

4 1x3x8 boards


wood glue

kreg jig pocket hole system

Brad nail gun

Once I gathered all of our materials I cut, sanded and stained all of the boards.

Cust list:

8 1×3 boards cut at 36 inches long

4 1×3 boards cut at 10 inches long

You will need 4 1×3’s and 2 1×3’s for each shutter that’s why I laid them on the board like this for you to get a visual of what it would look like.


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