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Dip Dye Decor

I’m sure by now most of you have seen at least one item in a store that appears to have been dipped in paint. I know I’ve been seeing dip dyed wicker baskets in several places and I just had to have one so I figured I’d try the technique with a handful of items to see how they turned out. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of all five items I tried this technique on!

dip dye decor

-Behr Interior Flat paint (Colors: French Colony and Tapestry Red)
-HDX 20 gal. plastic bin (you can use any container to pour the paint in for this project)
-different objects for dipping [I used a wooden oar, candelabra, lamp, step stool and a basket for my objects.]
Not pictured:
-paint brush (optional)
-Rustoleum metallic copper spray paint (optional)

dip dye decor

STEP 1: Prep objects (optional)
I know not everyone will use the same objects that I did to dip dye but in case you’re curious how I did each object, I figured I’d throw this little step in.
I found a plain, black lamp at my local thrift store that I wanted to dip dye; however, I didn’t want the lamp black so I taped off the parts of the lamp that I didn’t want changed and used some metallic copper spray paint I had on hand to change the base color.

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