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Crock Pot Candy (“Mr. Bud Candy”)

This is my daughter’s recipe that she makes for fund raisers, church, to give away on trays, etc. because it’s so good and it makes a lot. An older man at her church named Mr. Bud makes it a lot and gave her the recipe, so they all call it Mr. Bud candy.
-Made this for the first time yesterday in my brand new 700 watt “multi-cooker” which is like a glorified rice cooker (pan is non-stick coated metal). I used sweetened dark chocolate in place of the German chocolate. As suggested, I set my cooker to “warm” for the 3 hours without lifting the lid. It turned out perfectly and was a big hit among my co-workers. I made mine a little larger than tablespoon size and ended up with around 80 on 3 large + 1 small cookie sheet. Thank you Donna- this is a definite keeper!
-This is the most wonderful recipe!!! My hubby who is Mr Picky loves it and it is so easy to make and makes a ton! It is one of my have to make recipes for Christmas gifts. If you need a great recipe that makes a ton of great tasting candy this is the one!
-read through every page before embarking on the making of this delightful recipe. I have a 6qt rival crockpot that has in very small lettering underneath that “slow cooker”…so I followed the directions as stated except for a couple of tweaks as I did not want to risk ruining a very large batch of expensive ingredients. 1st, I used cashews instead of peanuts and I set it on low for the first half hour and when I felt the outside of the slow cooker it felt very hot so I reduced the temp to the “keep warm” setting and checked it again after 2 more hours and it was good to go for a total cooking time 2 1/2 hours with the first 1/2 hour on low. Turned out fantastic! Hope this helps Heather 🙂

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