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Creme Brulee Roll Cake

When it comes to classic desserts, creme brulee is hard to compete with. Something about that cool and creamy interior hidden below a sweet shell of crunchy sugar is just hard to resist. It’s an elegant dessert but it’s really so simple, and yet we tend to wait until we’re out at a restaurant to order it… we never seem to make it at home! But why not bring creme brulee right into your home kitchen? In the sliceable form of cake!
This roll cake still has that cool and creamy interior and an outer shell of burnt sugar, but it also has a moist vanilla sponge holding it all together, and we think it’s a mighty fine addition. It’s not quite like many of the rolled cakes you’ve seen before; you want to roll this one long end to long end, like a log, not a spiral. This creates a large center for the custard filling so the cake surrounds it, rather than punctuates it.
The key to preventing cracks in a rolled cake is in not overbaking it. You want the cake to be moist and pliable, and it also helps to let it cool rolled up in a towel, so it has a chance to get used to the shape. It’s really not all that tricky, and the end result is lovely!

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