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Creamy Butterbeer Fudge

Thanks to the the wizardly world of the beloved book and film series, Harry Potter, Butterbeer has been established as the celebratory drink of choice for many of our favorite famed characters. Clearly a drink that brings friends and loved ones together, what’s not to love about a beverage that warms people up and keeps them coming back for more of its rich, decadent flavor?? Even if this is new information for some, it is is undeniable that fictional food has taken on a life of its own. Inspired by this fantastical story, we wanted to wave our wands and lift its flavors right from the pages of our imaginations into the warmth of your kitchen, creating a delightfully decadent dessert version of this beloved beverage that promises to make magic for you and your loved ones.

Butter Beef Fudge Horizontal 4

It only seemed fitting that we combine our own take on Butterbeer with a classic fudge, don’t you think? Who doesn’t love a creamy, sticky, buttery, sweet and delicious dessert, only this time made with ingredients that can be said to hail from the halls of Hogwarts? Most of us are us are obsessed with fudge in all its many variations and it gives us the perfect platform to create our smooth and creamy, decadent dessert. No one can deny that chocolate is a beautiful thing, but we really love the butterscotch twist with a hint of rum that brings new flavor, as well as a nostalgic taffy-like texture, to this classic treat – so delicious!

Butter Beef Fudge Horizontal 1

You can also share the love and turn Butterbeer fudge into a wonderful gift by cutting it into squares or rectangles like we did and then layer pieces (with wax paper in between) inside colorful tins. Friends and family always appreciate a homemade gift or an unexpected treat that’s delicious and unique, and this one more than fits the bill. When you combine the irresistible flavors of butterscotch, marshmallow creme and butter this Butterbeer fudge recipe promises to cast a silky sweet spell that the kid inside all of us will never want to break!

Butter Beef Fudge Horizontal 3

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