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Costco Joins a Host of Retailers Refusing to Sell GMO Salmon

Customers weren’t so keen to GMO salmon, so they rallied in Seattle with a petition to gather 50,000 votes in asking the company to refrain from selling the GMO fish. Costco has since said that they will not sell genetically-modified salmon.

Costco joined a list of many retailers who declined to sell GMO salmon, which goes against the approval by the FDA to sell such fish. “Although the FDA has approved the sale of GM salmon, Costco has not sold and does not intend to sell GM salmon at this time,” the warehouse store chain said in a statement Friday.
The FDA cleared for sale AquAdvantage Salmon, the genetically modified fish that grows twice as fast as normal salmon, saying “there are no biologically relevant differences in the nutritional profile of AquAdvantage Salmon compared to that of other farm-raised Atlantic salmon.”
AquAdvantage Salmon, engineered in a Massachusetts based company called AquaBounty, says their product will be on shelves in grocery markets in 2 years. We thank Costco for joining many retailers such as Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Safeway for not selling this genetically-modified product.