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Cool And Creamy Coffee Icebox Cake

Baking in the summertime seems like an exercise in craziness – why turn on an oven when the temperature outside is set to “roasting”?! This is when we turn to another trusted source for “baking” – our refrigerator. And there’s nothing better than an icebox cake to pull out of the fridge and serve to our friends. When it’s too hot to whip up a coffee cake, we turn to our icebox coffee cake as a cool, creamy, and delicious alternative.

We love the look and taste of this cake: layers of whipped cream and graham crackers soaked in espresso result in a sweet treat with a kick of caffeine. It reminds everyone of a tiramisu – where espresso-soaked ladyfingers are layered with cream and liqueur. The magic behind this cake is how simple it is, how easily it sets, and definitely how delicious it tastes. We really enjoy the combination of textures and flavors; the chocolaty cream is met with the sweet slightly honey crunch from the graham crackers. Chocolate and coffee are a delightful pairing and the combination here works beautifully.

Why turn on an oven when the refrigerator can do all the hard work? Icebox cakes are classic recipes, just whipped cream and cookies, and that layered look gives this simple cake a touch of elegance. Everything sets in the refrigerator and we are left to enjoy each cool and creamy bite. There’s just something about layers that makes a dessert (or a dip) look and taste extra special. So, skip the oven and whip up an icebox cake for dessert tonight; it’s the perfect cool treat to end a warm summer day.

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