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Comfort Food All-Star Gets a Mind-Blowing Makeover!

We all love lasagna, don’t we? In my family everyone loves it so much that I get requests to make it at least every other week. Sure, why not – but at some point it’s going to get a little boring to eat the same dish again and again.
Worry not, my dear readers! I came up with the perfect solution. Instead of the traditional ground beef & tomato sauce lasagna I decided to make something completely different. It’s still lasagna, and it’s still totally scrumptious. In fact, I might even say this is tastier than the original!

This white chicken lasagna with spinach is going to turn your whole world upside down. It’s better than any lasagna I’ve ever had in a restaurant, and I couldn’t believe I was able to make such a meal at home!
This is a very versatile recipe and you can make as little or as many tweaks as you’d like, to turn it into your own. There are also plenty of shortcuts to make this as easy for you as possible. Give this a try and I guarantee you won’t want to go back to your old recipe!

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