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Coastal Christmas Mantelpiece Tutorial

As a blogger, it is time for me to start getting my Christmas on! I am starting with my mantel this year and selected a coastal theme in blues and greens. This mantelpiece arrangement is the first project of this Christmas season for me.

coastal christmas mantelpiece tutorial

The first thing I did to create this mantelpiece was to get a board about 24″ x 6 ” and adhere two of the velcro Command strips to the bottom of it.  This will give me added security when I put this on my mantel.  Next, I took a piece of styrofoam that was  2″ x  4″ x11″ , wrapped a piece of chicken wire around the front and top of it and nailed this to my board.  If I had left off the chicken wire, the weight of my arrangement could pull the nails right through the foam and it might end up on the hearth in pieces.

coastal christmas mantelpiece tutorial

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