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Classic Vanilla Custard Bars

Did you grow up eating custard? Egg custard features prevalently in our recollections of the desserts we ate as kids, then, when researching similar dishes, we realized that what was egg custard to us seems to be pretty similar to what others knew as vanilla custard…bottom line being that it doesn’t matter what it’s called, custard is a heavenly, delicious dessert that will always hit the spot, no matter what.

Instead of making a custard destined to be scooped out of a bowl or ramekin, we decided to make vanilla custard slices. Considered a classic in some parts, these bars are all the creamy vanilla (or egg) custard you can imagine, sandwiched between crispy layers of puff pastry.

The finished result is an incredibly smooth, irresistible dessert that tastes like you got it from a bakery – that’s what our fam thought when we made it for the first time! Whether you make a batch just for your friends and loved ones, or you decide to whip something up to gift someone (and trust us, they’ll love you forever after trying this), there’s no bad time for vanilla custard slice.

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