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Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Brownies

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Brownies

My favorite form of chocolate is arguably brownies. Their dense, fudgy, chewy texture is just how I want my chocolate. With Valentine’s Day in sight, I decided to add some color to my brownies and topped them with fresh strawberries.

When I think of romantic Day foods, chocolate-covered strawberries instantly come to mind. They’re fresh and sweet, but not too indulgent.

Well, I wanted to make them indulgent.

I thought the best way to make chocolate covered strawberries indulgent was to put them on top of a decadent dessert such as brownies. That should do the trick, right?

It certainly did. My brownie recipe is without a doubt decadent. It makes brownies that are chewy, fudgy and, most importantly, chocolatey.
So imagine biting into the fudgiest brownie you can think of. Now imagine that brownie topped with freshly cut strawberries and a smooth layer of chocolate. That is what these strawberry brownies taste like.

The sweet strawberries bring a fresh and fruity flavor to rich, chocolatey brownies. After having one (okay, two) of these brownies, I may never want to eat plain old chocolate-covered strawberries again. They just taste so much better on top of fudgy brownies!

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