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Chocolate Cheesecake

I recently shared about my cousin Alexis and her famous cheesecake. It is so unfair that she always gets the perfect cheesecake and voted dessert of the year every. Single. Year. No matter how hard I try, I never win and it is so frustrating. But I am determined not to let that stall me. I will continue pressing on until I become the Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert champion.

Now, in order to achieve that, I need to be searching for recipes left and right on the internet. I will go through cookbooks and Barnes and Noble, I will spend hours on Pinterest, I will go to my neighbor Anne’s house and look at her recipe books. All of this effort to achieve the dessert champion of the year.

Now, I will admit something to you…I think I have found the one. It is a variation of Alexis’ dessert. It’s a chocolate cheesecake and it’s no bake (which makes it even better if you ask me!). It’s creamy and perfectly fluffy.

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