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Cherry Layer Cake with Cherry Cream Cheese

This Cherry Almond Layer Cake is made with a light and fluffy almond cake, cherry frosting and little bits of maraschino cherry! The mix is a totally under-rated flavor combo that you have to try!

This cake just makes me think of spring. The flavors are so light and fresh, it’s like spring in every bite. And I am dying for a little more spring in my life! Our weather has been so crazy lately. I know it’s snowing like mad up North and we aren’t getting that crazy weather, but it’s been so warm that we have flowers blooming and now everything is freezing again. Nutty!

I’m just going to close my eyes, take a big bite of cherry almond cake and pretend like it’s actually spring.

This cake is so fun and has kind of a neat retro look to it that I love. It’s a look that’s easy to create too. All you need is an offset spatula. The 9 inch is my fave. I feel like i have much more control with the smaller one.

To get started, make the cake layers. The layers have the almond flavor, which is so wonderful in a cake. The batter is relatively straight forward to make, beginning with creaming the butter and sugar. The creaming adds air to the batter that helps make it light and fluffy, so be sure not to skimp on the creaming time.

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