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Candy bars 3 ways

Ingredients & Directions

Twixie bars:
– 1 ½ cup butter
– 16 oz bag of marshmallows
– 11 oz mini Nilla wafers
– 1 cup brown sugar
– 1 cup condensed milk
– 1 cup chocolate chips
Butter a 9″x13″ baking dish and set it aside.
Microwave marshmallows and 1/2 Cup butter for 2 minutes, then stir it all up until you have a smooth mixture.
Add Mini Nilla Wafers into your marshmallow mix and stir it up until every single cookie is coated.
Spread the mixture into your pan and set aside.
Combine 1 Cup butter, brown sugar and condensed milk.
Boil for 5 minutes while continuing to stir.
Remove refrigerated cookie mixture from fridge and pour your caramel sauce on top and chill for 10 minutes.
Melt chocolate chips and spread the chocolate sauce evenly and chill until set.
Cut into squares and drizzle caramel sauce on top.

Snickers tart:
– 1 and 3/4 cups salted roasted peanuts, divided
– 1 cup all-purpose flour
– 2 tbsp light brown sugar
– 1/4 tsp salt
– 1/2 cup unsalted butter
– 1 bag of chewy caramel
– 8 ounces chocolate
– Chopped Snickers bar (optional)
– Crushed peanuts (optional)

Preheat the oven to 350F.
Add 3/4 cup of crushed peanuts, flour, brown sugar and butter into a bowl.
Using floured fingers press the dough evenly into a 9-inch tart pan.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Mix melted caramel and 1 cup of peanuts together. Pour caramel nut filling into crust.
Melt the chocolate and spread over caramel nut filling until smooth.
Garnish with optional toppings, if desired.

Milky way mini tarts:
– 1 (14-16 oz) bag mini marshmallows
– 6 tbsp butter
– 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
– 3 cups Rice Krispie Cereal
– 14 oz caramels
– 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
– 6 tbsp butter
– 2 cups chocolate chips
Place cupcake liners into a cupcake form pan.
In a large bowl melt marshmallows, butter and vanilla together and stir until smooth.
Add in Rice Krispie Cereal and fold until combined. Add as much or as little as you want depending on if you like your treats chewier or more crispy.
Use 2 spoons to spread the treats evenly into a forms.
In a small saucepan, melt caramels, sweetened condensed milk and butter together over medium heat. Stir occasionally and until smooth.
Pour over rice krispies and let set, about 10 minutes or you can pop in the fridge to speed up the process.
Melt chocolate over the stove or in a microwave and then pour over caramel layer.
Garnish with rice krispie flakes and enjoy!