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Can You Guess What’s Inside? It’s A Yummy Surprise!

There are times when we miss my grandmother so much that it gives the atmosphere a melancholic feel that wouldn’t go away even until after the reunion. We usually don’t mean to, but whenever there’s a recipe that didn’t go as planned, we would always remember grandma. She was so meticulous when it came to the kitchen. She always wanted everything to be perfect because she wanted everyone to enjoy the food. I remember her scolding even my grandfather when he was being a nuisance in the kitchen.
My grandfather loved eating a few pieces of what’s been cooked and grandma hated that. One time, Aunt Beth and one of my cousins were the ones designated to cook dinner. We were having meat pies that night because everyone wanted something light yet savory. The voting resulted in having meat pies.

My cousin, who was a bit tired that day, made a mistake of putting sugar in the meat instead of salt. In the end, it tasted like one of those meat buns you could buy in Chinese restaurants. Aunt Beth didn’t get mad at her, but she told us that if she was grandma, my cousin would have been thrown out of the kitchen.
And that one statement brought that melancholic atmosphere as she started telling us stories about grandma and her kitchen OC tendencies. If you want a really good recipe for meat pies, please click on to the next page. You’re going to love this recipe!

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