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Cami Organization – Closet Space Saving Tip

Summer is in full effect that means it’s Cami Time.  For me it doesn’t really matter if it is summer or not I wear a cami almost every day of the year mostly as a base layer for my outer shirt.  I have them in almost every color, in certain colors I have multiples and I am almost embarrassed to say how many camis I own…probably pushing almost 70. So with all these camis and being somewhat of an insignificant article of clothing I decided it was taking up waaaay too much space in my closet.

This is a great closet organizing to tip especially if you are short on space, or if you are an obsessive shopper with a small closet and your clothes are suffocating because there is no space between them, this tip can also help.

This tip is cheap, quick and requires no tools, skills or experience.  All you need are camis and this special hanger I found at Walmart for about $3.

I have searched Walmart online for these and unfortunately I was unable to find them. However I did find an Over the Rod Accessory Hook on Amazon.

I organize my closet by color coordinating my clothes, so I applied this same technique with my cami organization tip.  In some colors I don’t have as many camis in one color family so I put different colors together.  The camis hang on the hanger like this.

This technique is great for saving closet space.  Here is a comparison of two sets of camis on regular hangers and two sets of camis on the cami hanger.  The differences in inches is 2 inches compared to 4 inches for one set of camis or 4 inches compared to 8 inches for two sets of camis.

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