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Cajun Caviar Dip

If you saw the word “caviar” and immediately balked, hold on for just a second. While it can be delicious, today’s recipe is for Cajun caviar dip, not, you know, caviar caviar; no roe here. The similarities between this dish and its namesake stop at the jelly-like consistency, so once you get past that you can focus on how great this dip tastes…and it does taste great.

With just six ingredients, this dip is a breeze to throw together, plus there’s no need for an oven – literally you just is all in a bowl and mix it together. Now that’s our kind of recipe! Cheddar cheese, green onions, pecans, mayo and Cajun seasoning (which really pulls everything together – plus gives it its catchy name) all come together here and blend together perfectly. But what’s the cherry on top, you ask? That would be the red pepper jelly that gets poured over the whole thing before it’s served.

Yup, even if you think you only like fruit preserves, grab yourself a jar of red pepper jelly, because it adds the perfect flavor to tie everything together, plus a little spice (but not too much). It is absolutely the key ingredient here and you definitely should not skip it, because it makes this recipe great. Trust us, even if you’re skeptical, one bite of this and you’ll be totally converted and sharing the recipe with all your friends – you’ll see!

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