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If there’s one thing Filipinos love as much as food, it’s Christmas. In fact, Filipinos love Christmas so much, our holiday season begins as early as September 1! And bibingka is the perfect example of a classic Filipino Christmas food. Like the famous Ben & Ben song of the same name says, we can find bibingka sold by street vendors, especially near churches, during the holiday season.

Typically, one enjoys bibingka with another type of rice cake, puto bumbong, especially after Simbang Gabi. Hot drinks, like coffee or chocolate, also make the ideal companion for this treat. Treats like bibingka often brings back a lot of cherished moments –– of warmth, and spending time with loved ones. Food is memory, and by cooking it effectively, bibingka can bring back some of our best ones.

The traditional bibingka recipe may seem quite daunting at first; after all, who just has clay pots or Bibingka ovens just lying around at home? But this bibingka recipe is simple and can be made in any typical household kitchen. All you need are some ordinary cake pans and a kitchen oven. And with rice flour instead of regular galapong, you’ll have your own bibingka in no time!

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