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Best Darn Chicken Tenders

– I fixed this last night. i was a bit worried the flour would come off since the tenders didn’t require the standard dusting of flour before dipping the the egg mixture. The chicken tenders came out very crunchy and tasted great. The only issue I had was adding too much salt. The recipe called for 1 tbsp of salt or less. I used the full amount. Next time, I’ll cut back on the salt. You need to judge the salt based on what creole seasoning you use. However, the tenders were still good and I’d make them again. My wife enjoyed them as well. The honey mustard was a great condiment as well.
– Hi Christi…it should have read to season one side of chicken and then toss together. As far as testing grease..I would batter a small piece and test it, making sure outside doesn’t burn before chicken is cooked. Thanks for your questions and interest in the tendered, They are yummy!

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