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Bend The Knee To This Bean And Sausage Soup

Is there really anything better than a hot pot of soup simmering on the stove when the air outside is feeling a bit brisk? This soup is “souper” easy to make as it simmers nicely in the Crock Pot. You add beans and kielbasa to the mix and come up with a wonderful, thick, and hearty soup that is fit for a king. Some people like to eat sandwiches with their soup but honestly, this soup is so filling you really don’t need them. A nice, thick slice of bread will do just fine as will crackers.

I like adding a few extra veggies to this soup such as carrots and celery. The colors in these veggies give the soup a beautiful hue. Not only do you get to eat something amazing but it looks pretty, too. This bean and kielbasa soup truly is a win-win dinner option. Let me know if you make this soup by leaving me a message in the comments. I always love hearing from you guys and gals. Enjoy!

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