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Belle Oaks Inn Pecan Orange Bread

As the innkeeper at Belle Oaks Inn in Texas, this was one of the first things I was taught to make by the owners. Their “signature” breakfast bread, it is always a huge hit with guests, and is deceptively simple!
-Just removed from oven-looks and smells delish! However, mine is not light and fluffy but rather looks like a monkey bread sort of. Have not cut into yet but I am sure it will be delicious. I used Pillsbury ” Grands Flaky Layers original”–8 in a can and
and Grands” Southern Homestyle” – 5 in a can. There are now a bazillion varieties of biscuits so perhaps this was my problem? Your picture looks so beautiful so I may try again. In the picture,the top is actually the bottom of the bundt pan – correct? Yours look more crescent rolls or a bread roll. I think I may have overcooked (40 mins) and maybe have used too much butter and sugar mix as the biscuits are crunchy outside and doughy on inside. I did sample and the flavor is great.. will keep trying to perfect. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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