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Beef Stroganoff Casserole

I love Beef Stroganoff, it’s the ultimate comfort food!

Tender beef, mushrooms and onions roasted to perfection and smothered in a rich flavorful sauce.

This casserole takes a traditional stroganoff to the next level by baking the tender noodles in a sour cream gravy sauce. The noodles soak in all of the delicious flavor for a dish you literally cannot resist.

This recipe turns inexpensive stewing beef incredibly tender by roasting it low and slow. In return this dish is absolutely luscious and so full of flavor and the beef literally melts in your mouth!

First pieces of stewing beef are seared in a very hot pan until they have a nice brown crust to add amazing flavor. You don’t want it just browned, you want a nice crust to really seal the beef before roasting.

The great thing is that slowly roasting beef with onions and mushrooms (and just a touch of broth) not only creates the most tender meat but the mushrooms and onions caramelize leaving the best flavor infused in every bite of this stroganoff!

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