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Bayou Brownie Pie

When it comes to dessert, we are unapologetic in our love for going over the top. No guilt, no shame, we like a good, decadent dessert that’s packed full of flavor and has plenty of bells and whistles. Out of that love came this bayou brownie pie. With a four ingredient, from-scratch pie crust to get things started, we filled our pie with a brownie-esque, pecan and chocolate chip-stuffed yellow cake layer, but we didn’t stop there.
On top of that, we poured a cheesecake top layer that acts as a pillowy, yet dense exterior and really kicks things up a whole bunch of notches. We’re not messing around here, folks. So to recap, dense and chewy brownie layer, topped with a rich and creamy cheesecake layer. Holy cow, this pie is so ridiculously good, plus, it’s easy to tweak here and there to make the prep process work the best for you. Whether it’s using a store-bought crust if you’re short on time, or making the “brownie” filling from scratch if you want to put a little more time and love into the process, you really can’t go wrong with this.
Bayou Brownie Pie DSC00439 We’ve made this for birthdays, potlucks and back-to-school nights, and we’ve gotta say, there’s just no bad time for this decked out dessert. People rave about it every time and it stays in heavy rotation in our house, as we suspect it will in yours once you make it!

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