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Authentic Irish Potato Farls

Hi Bold Bakers!

Potato Farls are something I grew up with in Ireland. My mum used to make them using leftover mashed potato and cook them off for breakfast as part of a traditional fry. I haven’t had them in donkey’s years but the moment I ate these I was transported back to our kitchen in the house where I grew up. If you are Irish, you will be familiar with these, if you are not then you just found a new recipe that will give you a little taste of Irish culture and cuisine.

What Is A Potato Farl (or Fadge)?
A potato Farl goes by many names! It’s also known as potato fadge, potato cakes, griddle cakes, and boxty. It originated out of a way to use up leftover mashed potatoes from the dinner the night before. Made with cupboard staples, it’s a humble recipe that might not seem like much but boy are they delicious.

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