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Amish Friendship Bread Blueberry Muffins

The well-loved blueberry muffin is a breakfast staple for good reason. We all love that moist and soft little cake with pops of blueberry sweetness throughout. There’s just nothing better than taking a bite of a warm blueberry muffin fresh out of the oven in the morning, after slathering it with some butter, of course. It’s a rustic and delicious American favorite and there’s no shortage of “favorite” recipes out there. Well, this is ours. And we think it will be your new favorite too.
These blueberry muffins use an Amish Friendship Bread Starter, which is a sweet sourdough starter. The sourdough starter adds an extra robust flavor you didn’t know was missing, kind of sweet with a hint of sourdough tang. It’s an easy, one-bowl recipe that takes all of five minutes to mix up, but that extra layer of flavor from the starter makes it seem like it took a lot more work. These muffins come out fluffy and moist and delicious every time and we love to pop half the batch in the freezer to pull out whenever a craving strikes.
To learn how to make your own Amish Friendship Bread Starter, click here to read about the process. While it does take ten days for the starter to develop, it involves little more than mixing up some milk, sugar, and flour and giving the starter a stir every once in a while. On the tenth day, you divide it up into one cup portions to give to friends. It’s a fun and heartfelt gift to pass from friend to friend, and it’s a great base for all kinds of baked goods.

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