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Amazing Swedish Apple Pie

Easiest apple pie you will ever make. Great if you have extra apples and want to use them up quick.
-Added a bottom crust to this pie and it came out delish ! So everybody said they like it either way !
Of course it is great for Thanksgiving and Christmas ~ none left ~ haha
-This was very easy to make. I didn’t take a picture (because I couldn’t help but sneak a forkful to taste). I am thinking of switching out the sugar for a little less brown sugar because it’s sweeter. I agree it is a little more like a cobbler, but delicious all the same! Thank you. A great way to use the apples of the season!
-Well thank you so much Diane, how nice of you to let me know that. I feel the same way about this pie, always comes out good and sooo easy ! You may want to try my Cranberry Cream torte one as well, great for Thanksgiving too ~ and easy as pie, haha

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