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Amazing Orange Dreamsicle Cake

This cake is so moist. Everytime I take it somewhere, I bring back an empty cake carrier. If you enjoyed Dreamsicle ice cream when you were growing up then you will love this cake. It’s not a heavy cake and not real sweet…Just right. I hope your family will enjoy this cake as much as mine
-This cake is amazing. But it is so dense I’m using an confection oven because I live in a motorhome this is the second time I have made this cake just wondering how to get a fluffier cake if my oven needs to be set different next time I’m going to do a little experiment thanks for the recipe any suggestions would be appreciated
-I tried to use this to make cupcakes – word of warning… it doesn’t work well for that. Much too dense and they all sank. Not underdone, the toothpick came out clean and the bottoms are brown. Just not a good recipe for cupcakes.
-I have an orange cake mix sitting on the counter with the rest of the ingredients right now to make this awesome sounding cake. I’m on the FL/AL line
-Thanks for trying. It’s also a family favorite of ours too. I also used this recipe with fresh strawberries and it was amazing. I used strawberry jello and french vanilla pudding. And the strawberries in the icing. I dipped some in chocolate to put on top. It was very pretty.

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