Wonderful egg custard pie! I was surprised that I didn’t like this pie that much initially given the reviews and since I love egg custard. I tried it the night I made it after it was chilled in the refrigerator. The flavor was good, but the custard was too light, more flan-like. After it was refrigerated overnight, however, the custard became firmer and was wonderful. I will be replacing my regular egg custard pie recipe with this one. Recommend making a day ahead of time.
This made a perfect pie !! The whole pie was gone in one sitting. I think I’ll have to make another !! The trick to making a good custard …DON’T over bake, take the pie out while it still jiggles in the middle. Residual heat will continue to cook the pie as it sits. I dusted my pie with some fresh grated nutmeg and cinnamon. A fantastic pie !!!
I made this three times. First time I scaled the milk. Other times I didn’t You really don’t need to scaled the milk since grandma used unpasteurized milk. I bought milk at grocery store and is already pasturized so therefore no need to scaled milk I just took my milk right out of refrigerator and poured and mixed and baked in oven. Good and tasty recipe
Taxagnian, you definitely did right by your mother with this recipe! I had planned to make a creme brule in a crust, so I used heavy cream instead of milk. I wasn’t just going to throw out that perfectly fine extra yolk, so I threw that in with the other eggs. I sprinkled a bit of chopped pecans over the crust before pouring filling (with coconut added) in. It was wonderful. My mother had requested a coconut custard pie and just said that was the best pie she has ever had in her life. KEEPER. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

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