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Amazing Crock Pot Cake

I always wanted to make a cake in a crock pot.. so now I do. THE SMELL OF THIS CAKE WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!!\
-this is a really good recipe. the first time used everything as said. For Thanksgiving i used Reese peanut butter chips instead of chocolate. For Christmas i will try mint chips instead, it’s so yummy. I think it’s even better cold. Thumbs up.
-Cassandra & Cindy some of the different ones we have tried are Lemon Cake with Lemon Pudding & White chips, Yellow cake with Cheesecake pudding & white chips, Used a Caramel cake with Butterscotch pudding & Chips, & a White cake with French Vanilla pudding & again with White chips.My Husband isn’t a big fan of chocolate so we have been experimenting with different flavors.
-A large crock pot(family size) 5 quarts or larger. Any shape works fine. The small ones like for dip or 1-2 people are two small.you could do a small one use 1/2 of the box and cut everything else in half check it often and time way back. 2 hours or so.
-No, I didn’t peek. The lid is clear glass so I didn’t need to peek while cooking. I took the lid off after 5 hours. Anyway, I just let it cook about 30 mins longer and decided I better not risk burning it so turned it off. I let it cool for a little while then took it out of the crockpot. The cake is delicious and the scoop of vanilla ice cream balances out the decadent richness of the chocolate. The part that was “less done” was just like warm pudding goodness. Everyone loved it. I sprayed the pot with Pam and had no sticking issues. The pot cleaned easily. Think I will go have a scoop for breakfast, to go with my coffee. Yum!!!

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