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Amazing Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings Recipe

Their warm crescent roll crust and tender apple filling, with cinnamon-sugar goodness baked on top, may just make Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings the perfect fall comfort food dessert. Quick, easy, and oh-so-good!

I must admit, the first time I heard about this Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings recipe from my mother-in-law, I didn’t think it would work. Nor did I think it would be any good.

Basically, you wrap some crescent roll dough around apple chunks, season it with cinnamon-sugar, pour in a whole bunch of sugar water, and bake it.

Sounds easy enough. And pretty much anything made with crescent rolls is delicious.

But, pour in sugar water over the little apple-crescent bundles and bake it up? — How on Earth was that going to work? I was skeptical, for sure.

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