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Amazing Chocolate Eclair Dessert

This dessert was very easy to make and was a hit with my family. I used Chocolate Fudge frosting and it looked just like the dark chocolate you find on eclairs and tasted great.


MMMMMMMM, YUMMMMYYYY…this was delicious!! It made quite a bit so everyone was very happy to take some home. I though the graham crackers would get soggy, and they were just right. Will definitely make again.


I crushed some of the graham crackers, mixed with some butter, pressed in the bottom and up the sides of my pan and baked for a few minutes to make a “crust”. Then I followed the directions. Oops, I forgot, I also used the crushed gr. crackers to “fill in” the little gaps around the edges and in between on the graham cracker layer.


I recently made this for a dinner party. It is totally awesome! Everybody loved it. It is now one of my favorite recipes and I will make it again and again! I love how easy it is!!! Thanks!

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