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A Surprise Is Waiting Upon Your First Cupcake Bite!

It’s quite difficult for an aunt when her niece suddenly enters a fandom phase wherein everything about her tiny life evolves around that particular fandom. One time, my busy brother and his wife had to beg for my help. It was about a bake sale and my niece had to bring cupcakes to school. I’m not a professional baker, but I do know how to follow instructions so I agreed. When my niece arrived, I decided to allow her to help me in baking a batch of red velvet cupcakes. While we were baking, she was telling me stories about this new book-turned-movie series. I read the books and I loved them. I am a fan actually. However, my niece seemed to be a fan of someone in particular—the lead male character who was a baker.

So while I was making the cream cheese frosting, she kept criticizing the way I decorated the cupcakes. She kept comparing me to her favorite character and how he would have decorated the cupcakes differently. While I was just amused, I was bit challenged too. So I told her, “well, his cupcakes didn’t have a surprise inside them”. It made her silent. And I had to improvise. So in the next batch of cupcakes, I placed an Oreo inside each cupcake, which delighted her to to end. She was the proudest seller during bake sale with her Magic Cupcakes.

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