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A Cold Dessert That Will Bring You Warmth? Awesome!

I love a good chocolate mousse. I remember back when I was 11 or 12 I was trying so hard to perfect the creamiest and most delightful chocolate mousse. I do not know what recipe I had but it was so impossible to get it how I wanted. It was hard, always turned out chunky instead of creamy and had so many crazy ingredients that were impossible to find at my local supermarket. I got disappointed and took a step back from making mousse. From then on, every time I saw a recipe for it, I thought it was too hard and skipped it over.

Well, nowadays I have learned that while the ones I used to attempt making long ago WERE quite difficult, not all of them are. Some of them are so simple, it is just a matter of whipping some cream and adding some cocoa to the mix. It is easy and full of creamy flavor and there is no need to be disappointed over a mix of crazy ingredients that are impossible to find and put together. This recipe right here is not only simple, but with a little bit of Bailey’s you have got a cold chocolate mousse that will surely keep you warm!

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