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9 most effective ways to kill weeds naturally

3. Get ’em drunk: Alcohol can be dehydrating (which may explain why you’re really thirsty after downing one too many). This dehydration effect works great for snuffing out weeds. Combine 1 ounce of vodka with 2 cups of water and a little dish soap. Mix it in a spray bottle and douse weeds liberally. Hit the weeds in the middle of the day when the sun is high for the best effect, according to Reader’s Digest.
4. Add a bit of flavor: Crisp your weeds into submission by mixing 1 cup of salt with 1 gallon of vinegar, a bit of dish soap and some citrus oil. Spray the mixture on the weeds, Treehugger recommends.
5. Prevent them from ever showing up: You can make it much harder for weeds to grow by spreading a bit of cornmeal. Cornmeal makes it harder for weed seeds to reproduce. It doesn’t actually kill anything, but it’s a good preventative measure, according to This Garden Is Illegal.
6. Suffocate the suckers: It doesn’t sound humane, but weeds cropping up and ruining your beautiful garden get what’s coming to them. To nix weeds naturally, layer the desired area with at least four sheets of newspaper. The paper keeps sunlight from feeding pesky weeds.
Weigh the newspaper down with a layer of mulch.

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