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4 Kitchen Tricks You Didn’t Know You Needed

In many kitchens, convenience is the name of the game. We need our supplies close, our ingredients ready, and our recipes prepared smoothly. Space, time, cleanliness, and simplicity are commodities in the kitchen.

That’s why household hacks are so useful. In the few seconds it takes to watch this video from Thai Trick, you’ll get a handful of tips that will make your kitchen time a cinch. We’ll share two of them below, but be sure to check out the full video to get the details on these easy how-to’s.

  1. Foil the Wall

    Did you know what those tabs on the sides of aluminum foil packages are for? Come on, tell the truth. You know you don’t use them. Manufacturers put them there for us to poke them into the box so they can hold the tube in place. Do you know many roll pop-outs could be prevented if people actually used those?

    I digress. For this tip, the Thai Trick hacker pushes the tabs in and then sinks some Command hooks into the box. It’s then mounted on the wall. Save kitchen space and lose any worries about the foil (or plastic wrap) sliding out of its dispenser. What’s cool is that you can leave the hooks up and switch out empty rolls easily.

    Take it a step further and set up an entire station of wrap, foil, and paper towels with this hook up. Free up that drawer space!

  2. Perfect Burger Patties

    Form and freeze burgers from fresh meat to cook at a later time. It’s cheaper to buy ground meat for tasty homemade patties using your own famous recipe. With this shortcut, you place the seasoned meat into a plastic freezer bag. Even it out with a little pressure so that each nook of the bag is filled.

    Seal it, then portion the meat into square-shaped patties by pressing a skewer or chopstick on top of the bag. Throw the pre-formed burgers into the freezer until a future date. When you’re ready to cook them, you’ll have singles you can snap off one by one.

    If it’s bigger burgers you’d prefer, use a bigger bag! Or, go the extra mile and vacuum seal ‘em. Who needs the standard freezer fare from the grocery store when you can create as many as you need in whatever flavor you’d like?

Stay tuned to see two other kitchen tricks that will help you do things in a snap. Pay attention to the special DIY gadget for knife-wielding home cooks. When you see it, you’ll realize you’ve been in need of something just like it

Everyone can appreciate a well-organized kitchen that makes good use of available real estate, creates an efficient cooking environment, and is safe. With these tips, you can save time and money and don’t have to use any fancy gadgets to work your magic.

What do you think of these kitchen hacks? Which one of these will help you out the most? What are some of your favorite kitchen shortcuts?