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2-Ingredient Cinnamon Apple Cake That Won’t Wreck Your Diet

Wow! I can’t believe the holidays are almost over. As I type this we have less than 48 hours of 2016. Where has the time gone? I think the time has disappeared into the vortex of unhealthy holiday eating haha! I put on the big Christmas dinner this year and I made probably 50,000 calories worth of food or more. From casseroles to desserts we had it all. Then, my family and I eat off the leftovers for the next week. I think I probably gained 5 pounds. I don’t know for certain because I’m too afraid to step on that thing in my bathroom I call “the scale.”

So, as we sit here on the cusp of 2017, I am brainstorming for healthy recipes to make for my family so that we can get back on the wholesome eating train. And guess what? This even includes desserts like this 2-ingredient cinnamon apple cake!
You guys and gals are really going to love this recipe. It’s satisfying, delicious, and very easy to make. Plus, it won’t expand your waistline if eaten in moderation. Enjoy!

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