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15 Miraculous Anti-Cancer Herbs that Should Be Introduced in the Diet of Each Cancer Patient! Here Is Also How to Use Them!

It has been estimated that half of the U.S. population will eventually be diagnosed with some type of cancer at some point in their lives.

According to the WHO, approximately 7.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, which means cancer is one of the main causes of death.

Although cancer can be caused by genetics, it can also be triggered by certain environmental factors. Many cancer types can be caused by poor dietary and lifestyle choices.

Recent studies have confirmed that the toxin build-up in the body can lower cell oxygenation and cause these toxins to damage the DNA, thus resulting in hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and cell mutation. This can be prevented by eliminating the toxins as well as minimizing their effects.

In other words, you can protect your cells by consuming lots of pure filtered water, antioxidant-rich foods, alkalinizing your body, and keeping your intestines clean. By removing as much toxic exposure as possible, you can minimize your daily exposures to environmental toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, proven carcinogens, synthetics, dyes, addictive medications, and chemicals.

It has also been proven that cancer is a preventable disease. Specifically, your diet has a profound impact on your health in general. The truth is that an anti-cancer diet is composed of plenty of organic veggies, fruits and herbs.

Some of them can reduce inflammation, induce cancer cell death, whereas others can improve your body’s ability to remove toxins and protect against free radical damage.

Here Are 15 Miraculous Herbs that Have Cancer-Preventing Properties:
  1. Wheatgrass

It is a medicinal herb with powerful detoxifying properties. The herb can enhance your red blood cell count as well as neutralize the environmental pollutants in your body. It has also been found that wheatgrass may help prevent many types of cancer. All you need to do is juice the herb every day in 2oz shots. That’s not all, this herb can be used along with chemotherapy since it could lower the symptoms of myelotoxicity. Plus, the herb has an ability to alkalize your body.

  1. Grape Seed Extract

It is considered that Grape Seed Extract may be superior to some cancer treatments. The University of Colorado Cancer Center conducted a study showing that the extract can enter the cells, which have wound up impenetrable to the medication. But, it doesn’t harm the healthy cells. Furthermore, it can also get rid of the pollution and Candida in your digestive tract.

  1. Licorice Root

It is a soothing herb that can detoxify your liver. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties that can reduce inflammation. The herb was primarily used by the Greeks as a natural remedy for a wide array of ailments.  Today, it is used to alleviate menopausal hot flashes. Licorice can be also used in the treatment of Candida albicans. It is also used to relieve acid reflux. You can prepare tea by using some licorice root, 1 tsp. of raw, organic honey and a cup of boiled water. You can also prepare your own mouthwash by combining 2 cups of purified water and ¼ tsp. of powdered licorice root.

  1. Parsley

The herb can help in the treatment of various ailments and prevent many oxidative stress diseases, including cancer. Parsley possesses quercetin, which is a plant pigment with potent antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties. It has also an ability to protect against free radical damage. Additionally, quercetin can stop cancer cell growth because it acts as a chemo-preventive measure.

Moreover, you can use the herb by preparing parsley tea or adding some parsley to your salads. Also, you can add a handful of chopped fresh parsley to your homemade zucchini or hummus recipes.

  1. Black Pepper

It can decrease inflammation because of its great anti-inflammatory abilities. Black pepper may elevate the effectiveness of some anti-cancer drugs. It has also antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties. You can also use the crude extract of black pepper to treat various gastrointestinal problems.

  1. Holy Basil

It may lead to a decrease in chemically triggered cancers through stimulating apoptosis and offering antiangiogenic and antioxidative effects. The herb is usually found in extract form and in Tulsi teas. If you buy the extract, simply dilute a bit of it in some water.

  1. Helichrysum

It has potent anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, mood-regulating, and cancer-suppressive properties. However, make sure you use high-quality organic Helichrysum essential oil for best results.

  1. Echinacea

Echinacea is among the most commonly used natural remedies all over the world. The herb has Cytotoxic properties. It has been long used in the treatment of common colds. What’s more, Echinacea can also be used to reduce chronic fatigue and anxiety. You can found it in extract or supplement form. You should use it 2-3 times on a daily basis because there is not any standard dose. You can also prepare Echinacea as a tea.

  1. Watercress

The herb can elevate the detoxification enzymes in your body. Watercress possesses phytonutrients, which may inhibit carcinogens. In addition, watercress extract may reduce your risk of developing colon cancer. The Norwich Food Research Center in the UK carried out a study suggesting that those smokers who received watercress had a small level of carcinogens in their urine. You can add a handful of fresh chopped watercress to an organic fresh spinach or kale salad. Plus, you can add it in your homemade guacamole.

  1. Chlorella

The herb is packed with antioxidants and protein. It can also act as a potent all-natural detoxifier. Chlorella has been proven to act as a chemopreventive agent, thus stimulating cancer cell apoptosis without any adverse side effects. It is advisable to buy the broken cell wall Chlorella found in Green Foods Organic Chlorella and take 2 tablets on a daily basis.

  1. Ginger Root

Did you know that ginger root has incredible anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties? In fact, ginger can alleviate pain caused by inflammation and improve digestion. It may also stop the growth of ovarian cancer cells. You can prepare fresh organic ginger root tea by using a cup of hot water, a thumb-size of ginger root, and juice of half a lemon. The only thing you should do is mix the ingredients.

  1. Maca Root

It is a Peruvian herb, which can boost the immune system, improve adrenal and sexual function, improve memory, balance the endocrine hormones, and help in cases of prostate and breast cancer. The Department of Biological and Physiological Sciences, Lima Peru, notes that the herb can act as an adaptogen and help in the treatment of certain types of tumor. You can add some Organic Maca in your homemade raspberry ice cream, or smoothie.

  1. Dandelion Root

It may act as a powerful and non-toxic alternative to conventional modes of chemotherapy that are available nowadays. So, you can prepare a salad by using baby dandelion mixture, fresh lemon, raw pumpkin seeds, broccoli, and spices.

  1. Spirulina

It is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin D, B vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, and protein. Spirulina is usually used to boost energy and detoxify the body. The Department of Surgery, Hippocrateio Hospital, in Greece, as well as the Department of Otolaryngology, Liverpool University Hospitals, in United Kingdom noted that Spirulina may have anti-tumor properties that may help in the prevention of cancer. Additionally, Spirulina can decrease inflammation and fight Candida. You can add it in your morning smoothie.

  1. Turmeric

Studies have confirmed that turmeric is as effective as 14 different drugs. The spice has anti-cancer properties. Turmeric has been found to offer positive effects in the treatment of colon cancer, and breast tumor. It may be beneficial for resistance to cytotoxic chemotherapy. The University of British Columbia conducted a study proving that turmeric may also force melanoma cell death. You can add a bit of the spice in your morning smoothie as well as in curry or lentil dishes.

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