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12 Items In Your Home That Cause Cancer

Dozen items you will see here can cause cancer. Some are even in your home. They are assembled by American cancer prevention coalition who examined this and these items.
These days we are exposed to chemicals and toxins all the time. Restaurants obey safety rules to keep customers safe from toxins, but we have those toxins at home.
Artificial sweetener – these are saccharin, aspartame, sorbitol, also acesulfame K. they make cancer and also try to replace them with stevia, yacon, erythritol and xylitol
No stick pans – we use them daily and they release chemicals in the food we cook when heated. When this happens, toxins get in the food. Use ceramic instead
Plastic containers– the chemicals here leak into the food and body. The worst is BPA for plastic bottles. Studies said BPA is proclaimed by FDA as cancer causing. Instead of plastic use metal and glass
Talcum powder– a study said this makes ovary cancer. Ovary tumors had talc in them. Also a UK study said over 2000 women had more risk of ovary cancer in 20-30% of cases

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