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10 Things I Wish People Knew About Being Diabetic

For many people who have diabetes, the disease can be challenging to struggle with on a day-to-day basis after getting diagnosed. Not only are the symptoms and treatment methods a struggle, but it can also be challenging to explain the facts to other people who may not be as informed. There are many misconceptions about diabetes, which can make it difficult to explain and discuss.
I find it challenging when other individuals comment on when I’m eating sugar or question my decisions. Some people mean well but aren’t informed enough to offer guidance.
Here are a few facts about being diabetic and following a diabetic diet that I wish others knew:
1. Everyone’s Situation is Different
When it comes to being diagnosed with diabetes, each person’s situation is different. The treatment that is provided may work temporarily or long-term. In most cases, the treatment needs to change over time as the individual gets older. What worked in your 30s may no longer work in your 50s. Some people can tolerate pasta or sugar in their diet whereas others can only consume it occasionally. A medical professional will create a diabetic diet plan for the patient depending on their case and symptoms.

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