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10 genius reasons why you should keep lemons in the freezer

4) Lemons are more versatile when they’re frozen. Some people don’t like the flavor of lemons, or find them too sour, and that’s okay. By freezing and grating them, you’ll find it easier to incorporate lemon into your meals without packing a huge flavor punch (unless you want to!).
For instance, cooking lemon reduces some of the Vitamin C, so try sprinkling the frozen lemon into soups, salad dressings, and onto noodles and rice dishes. You can even sprinkle the grated lemon onto fruit salad with yogurt, or onto ice cream. It has a fresh and zesty flavor, and goes well with sweet or savory dishes.
5) You won’t need ice cubes. Cut your lemons into walnut-sized chunks before freezing, and then you can throw them into your glass of water to keep it cool and to add a lovely fresh flavor.
6) It’ll save you money. Keep your wallet healthy as well as your body… Lemons can get very expensive out of season, so if you see a good price at the grocery store then stock up! You don’t need to worry about shelf life as lemons will last three or four months in the freezer.
7) Limonoids prevent cancer. According to Life Advancer, studies have shown that limonoids (a natural compound found in citrus fruits) prevent the development of cancer cells, with a particular link to breast cancer. Lemons contain antioxidants and are known to have anti-microbial properties to fight off bacterial infections, fungi, and internal parasites. All the more reason to incorporate lemon into your daily diet.

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